Canmore Gathering 1999 and our Rockies trip continued

Day 5
Goat Creek - 28.2km 1315-1675 360m
Rundle Riverside - 20.2 1450-1315-1495 180m

The trail along Goat Creek takes us between the Goat and Sulphur ranges to the South and Mt. Rundle range to the North and is the least touristy way to Banff... Although we did meet some other groups of riders along the trail. At one point we met a group of little kids on Schwinn's and one of the little guys was SPRINTING up the hills to try to keep up with us!

But before we got to the trailhead, we had to climb 400meters of elevation on the Smith Dorrein/Spray dusty road;

rundle.jpg (29486 bytes)

Once at the top we could see all of Canmore and its surrounding peaks,

sbrundle.jpg (22566 bytes)

Also at the top the guys clambered up the rocky sedimentary layers to witness the YETI held by Leel,

grouprundle.jpg (27841 bytes)

We tore off along the trail, warning other hikers and riders of course only to stop briefly to take in the views and drink some water,

sbgoat.jpg (23527 bytes)

Until we carried on up the road to Banff

bradgoat.jpg (27689 bytes)

Spike was hot on Celly's ass for the whole ride!

Eventually we would catch up to our fearless leader, Skogan sitting atop his beautiful Dekerf Generation, lurking in the bushes he knew so well. Kamikazi was also lurking waiting for an unsuspecting roady type who would time trial with him at some point, he found a worthy adversary in Bog on this ride.

greggoat.jpg (32184 bytes)

This trail offered plenty of time for a leisurely cruise into Banff and an opportunity to talk to our new friends.

sbchrisgoat.jpg (37786 bytes)

The Trauma of the tourists in Banff did not allow us to take any more pictures until we got to Bow Falls, which was on our way out.

groupbanff.jpg (23445 bytes)

Here Celly, Lee, Skogan and Endo join the millions of eyes guaking at the flowing waters of the Bow River.

We started towards the Rundle riverside trail. We rode along the golf course and saw hundreds of Elk Grazing on the Green.

The Rundle Riverside trail can best be described as a But Smacking technical trail along the Bow River. It was flat enough that you had to peddle, but bumpy enough that you didn't want to sit down to peddle. This made us go quite fast along the trail until we got to the Nordic Center in Canmore.

groupcanmore.jpg (20966 bytes)

It was all downhill from here! Lee and Skogan took an alternate route down some steep technical stuff, the rest of us cruised back along the wide road.

Thus ended Day 2 of Canmore99, my 5th day of riding and Lee's 6th.