Canmore Gathering 1999 and our Rockies Trip

Day 6
Jewel Pass -9.7km 1310-1630 320m
Prairie View -14.5 1385-1920 535m (1470m)

Our last day of riding, and climbing, thank God. At this point my legs were so tired they no longer hurt... like when you starve yourself and are no longer hungry...

We parked in the heart creek trailhead parking lot and started on our way on a gently climbing single track trail. At the intersection to Jewel Pass the climbing began. This was where Leel had to suck it up and RACE Kamikazi up the trail. Off they sped. The rest of us took our own pace, knowing that this was not the last climb. Most of us caught up to Lee and kami who were found sitting on the side of the trail complimenting on how strong the other one was. At this point they traded bikes and Lee got to ride Kami's heavier Rocky mountain Spice and Kami rode Lee's Norco commenting on how light it was and how well it could climb! Chris beat us all to the top of the hill!

The descent down from Jewel pass along Prairie View was FAST, TWISTY TECHNICAL and FUN.

jeweldscent.jpg (33944 bytes)

There were small rock drops and steep little bits and switchbacks. Ye Ha!

When we got to the bottom of the descent Chris and Skogan, the two Rocky mountain veterans commented on how dark the sky looked and how we would probably be in the middle of a thunder storm soon... yuck. We decide to go to the bottom of the trail, where it my be safer if lightning decides to strike, to wait out the storm. And storm it did, hail, thunder you name it. Most of us put on our jackets except the two Rocky mountain veterans! Why aren't you putting on your jackets? "Because they'll just get wet" was the reply!

After the hail stopped and the rain subsided we were on our way.

This is Barrier lake with the sky lightening up in the distance,
barrierlake1.jpg (12926 bytes)

We then get to the start of the LAST climb! A mere 500meters in about 6km. Up we go finally making to the top to see Mt. Baldy in the distance. Chris, Lee and Kami are the first to make it to the top

barrierlake2.jpg (10289 bytes)

Lee goes back down on Kami's Rocky to encourage the last of the riders up the hill, all we can hear is the muttering of f^&^ off and let me ride... then we all get to the top!

barrierlunch.jpg (19023 bytes)

The rest of us get there to take in the inspirational view!
baldyview.jpg (15330 bytes)

of what we thought was the top...

But no! We have a little bit of a hike and bike where at the top Chris and Endo break out BEER!
beerbreak.jpg (16018 bytes)

Endo, if you had been drinking something other than COORS LIGHT you might be able to ride faster!! Its just water!!!

The Summit shot before the descent. A tired bunch of riders anticipating the final descent!!

grouptop.jpg (20332 bytes)

And finally me and Lee on top of the Rocky's! In an embrace as strong as the mightiest mountain we have climbed! Thanks Lee!

leesb.jpg (21943 bytes)

And so ends our Riding in the Rocky's. Our first together, but not our last.