Arizona Spring Fling 2

National -> Geronimo March 13 2001

Lee cresting the climb up Mormon Trail

aleeclimb.jpg (72427 bytes)

Greg and Kevin leading the way along National Trail

akevgregstrack.jpg (101634 bytes)

Lil'greg the climbing foo'

alilgregcl.jpg (101739 bytes)

Then Down Geronimo!!!

Ken and Maureen

akndown.jpg (98898 bytes)

ambdown.jpg (95088 bytes)

Then we get to the photo op spot and Ken shows us how its done!

aknsb2.jpg (97546 bytes)

followed by Lee with his usual grace!

aLeefalld.jpg (34184 bytes)

To be shown up by the girl!

ambsb2.jpg (98564 bytes)

ambsb3.jpg (100843 bytes)

Then back up we go

aleeclimbing.jpg (81387 bytes)

To where the refreshments are!

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