Big White Downhill Ski area December 9 and 10, 2001

Chai, my brother, and I decided to take advantage of early season discounts to rent a place and ski at a resort known as Big White near to Kelowna, B.C..  As it was only early December we didn't expect there to be that much snow so we weren't too upset when we found out that the snow base was only 150 odd cms and that only part of the mountain was open.

Our accomodations were very nice; ski-in and ski-out and the price  - at $ 59 per night plus an included lift ticket - was right.

bw14.jpg (86265 bytes)

On the first day, the ski area lived up to its nickname "Big White Out" and we didn't take any pictures.  Had we taken any pictures they would have looked like we had tucked under bed sheets and pulled them over our heads.  Visibility was that poor.

It started clearing up to the end of the day and we retired to the solace of a hot tub.


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The next day dawned bright and clear and sunny. Much to our surprise, it had also snowed overnight and we were up early and salivating over the prospect of powder tracks.   As Big White is fairly high - our accomodations are at approximately 1900m; snow in the Okanagan tends to  be light and fluffy.


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Did I mention that we had a wee bit of powder?  We had close to first tracks on the first lift at 9 am and stopped for an early  lunch at about 11.30 am.  This picture is taken later in the day skiing the 'dregs' of the powder.  By now it had been skied out so that it was "only" boot top to knee deep as opposed to the face shot fluffies we had partaken of earlier in the morning.

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By now, Chai and I had already polished off more than 10 runs of deep powder so were content to take pictures. Our techniques were getting a little sloppier as the day wore on and you can see lot of body prints on the snow


BW43.jpg (61590 bytes)


Still there was a ton of snow with nice soft landings and transistions for jumps.   How far can you drop dude???


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Towards the end of the day, we started hitting the trees to get away from the now skied out runs and found some beautiful hits in the gladed sections of the hill.


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