Smithers and Terrace.

The weather starting getting rough and the desire to ride was lost.

This was too bad since Smithers BC had some pretty good potential! In this part of the province the hills went from rolling to more mountainous, plenty of Alpine potential with mountains in the 2500meter range and snow! It reminded me of the Rocky's but more humid.

In Smithers only the Volvo got to see the dirt, this was on the local ski area on Mt. Hudson Bay.

After spending three nights in Smithers driving in the backcountry, looking at pottery and drinking coffee, we hooked up with Bill (crazy carpenter of the woodlot) who has been working in Terrace for longer than he expected due to the rain.

Our first ride was a nice roller around a lake, where there was a bear sighting earlier that week. A common occurance in these parts. But we didn't let that stop us!

Here's Bill

and Lee

riding down a steeper part of the trail.

The next day we decided to go to the "Stunt" riding area, Copper Mt. As I mentioned earlier, pretty mucy EVERY town had a 'Shore' trail area. Since this it the type of riding Bill prefers, this was where we went!

We are at the top of Sexicutioner, contemplating the line…

Here's Bill showing us how it's done

and me taking the XC approach

Bill riding the slippery log

Lee and Bill riding down a steep offcamber corner that riddled this trail.

It’s a good thing not many people ride these trails since they are pretty steep and soft and would become eroded chunder if ridden more. As it is now, this trail would have been WAY funner for me if it were not so wet and slimy and I didn't have Fire XC pro's on my bike ( this didn't stop Lee though… but you've seen his legs, and if you haven't I can post a picture just ask!).

 But even Lee exhibited some XC caution

Where Bill with the boxxers did not

I'd show more scenery pics, but you would only have seen clouds.

Another note about Terrace, its on the Skeena river which hosts a HUGE salmon run and was experiencing its BEST run in 30 years they said. Terrace is a HUGE destination for fisherman since it’s a relatively big town with an airport. People were pulling out their 2 catch limit with fly rods no problem. While we were watching them on the bank this one guy snagged a Salmon, he released it since it was too small, about 1 and a half feet long. Apparently the backcountry skiing is pretty good there in the winter too. Lots of Germans.