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Mt Thurston, Chilliwack Valley Aug.  2001

A 7 hour ride including 3 to 3 1/2 hours of climbing, one hour of looking for the ridge trail, the remaining 3 hours or so riding along the ridge, then descending down Mt. Thurston and a road ride back to the cars. 

If you want a climb, this is the ride for you. If you want views, this is the ride for you. If you want a really fast, rarely ridden descent, this is the ride for you.

If you can't spend about 7 hours in the saddle, some pushing, some hike a bike with the threat of getting lost always present, this is not the ride for you. If you are faint of heart, stay away.

thurstonmap02.jpg (100101 bytes)

Believe it or not, this is the most accurate map of the area, and you wonder HOW could we get lost? We started at the tent, near the 'c' of Chilliwack, up the Mt. Thurston FSR. Along the dotted line to Elk Mt, then back down to Chilliwack Bench FSR back to the tent. The Mt. Thurston Forest Service Road ("FSR") is where we climbed our 1200meters elevation to a high point of 1570meters.

Then we started to climb,

Sharon and Bob

clbobsb.jpg (76100 bytes)

and climb

clbobbrsb.jpg (61140 bytes)

and climb, no need for a helmet here except for the motor bikes that would come up to you really slow and then when they were right beside you they would accelerate. Non skilled idiots.

clsb.jpg (86215 bytes)

We did stop some for a break sometimes. Here's my sister Maureen and Brian on the ride.

clmbbeforebugs.jpg (259941 bytes)

Then when you thought it was over, the mountain opened up and you climbed some more.

Thpano10sm.jpg (27973 bytes)

Once the climbing was done we had to find the ridge trail... Since Ken was there before, he knew the way!

So we started looking, we could see the ridge but...

handlebaridge.jpg (122515 bytes)

The trail was a bit more difficult to find.First there would be one...

 ridgebush.jpg (61671 bytes)

Then it would dissapear

ridgecarry.jpg (43093 bytes)

so we would stop and look

ridgebob.jpg (34912 bytes)

bushwack a bit on the advice of 'I'm SURE its over here!'

huntingforbears.jpg (85322 bytes)

Then it would seem that we found it

ridgeride.jpg (79068 bytes)

Eventually we went back to the road and found the REAL hike a bike up. Now we know, and we're not telling ANYBODY where it is. Unless you buy ME a beer.

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