Port Hardy in the Summer, August central BC Trip

Where ever you go, the cedar bridges are...

There are definitely two different builders in Port Hardy on the north end of Vancouver Island. The first trail we went on was built by a logger. Here's some of his stuff as shown to us by our guide Herman.

sbupbridge.jpg (89698 bytes)

This is actually a teeter totter.

leett.jpg (60265 bytes)

sbcedarbridge.jpg (94716 bytes)

hermladderbridge.jpg (88766 bytes)

leehermcedarberm.jpg (96006 bytes)

leewdcedarberm.jpg (97697 bytes)

hermwd.jpg (89369 bytes)

cedarbridge.jpg (98625 bytes)

sbladderbridge.jpg (64034 bytes)

sbhermladderbridge.jpg (86197 bytes)

Here are some examples from the other builder.

llsteeplb.jpg (44795 bytes)

Herman going off a teettering teetter totter with the previous steep section in the background

hermtt.jpg (85261 bytes)

Good thing there was some nice stable rocks to ride down...

hermrock.jpg (86841 bytes)

before the next structure...

hermwoodramp.jpg (63473 bytes)

All in all pretty cool trails. I wonder how often they're dry!

The next day Lee and I Drove to San Josephs Beach to check out some old growth and open ocean.

sbcedar.jpg (239764 bytes)

leeincave.jpg (99022 bytes)

leenbonsai.jpg (57792 bytes)

leeonbeach.jpg (39330 bytes)