We left the dark forboding weather in Barkerville for sunnier Quesnel, but before we go I just developed my prints and had to show you a couple more shots from Barkerville. On the way to Groundhog lake we passed this toilet, how is this for minimalist!

And here is my guy building FIRE!

Once in Quesnell, where it was SUNNY and warm and I could FINALLY wear a sleeveless Jersey! We decided to check out the trail Wonderland!

We rode from our campsite, which is always convienent and up to the top of the trail

On the way up we met one of the locals who was one of the original builders. We didn't take a picture of him since he was not wearing a helmet, but he was wearing roach shin pads!

Here's Lee wheely dropping off one of his stunts,

This trail was pretty fun despite the stunts, some of which needed repair, and others that needed a big bike since they were just there for the huck, whatever.

Some of the structures were not bad

The next day in Quesnel the rains began, and well they stayed with us for pretty much the rest of our vacation. So we did more touristy things like take a Forestry logging tour on one rainy Friday. We got to go into an active logging area where in one clearcut area, they have four guys working in four machines, one cuts the trees and puts them in a pile for the skidder to haul the pile down to the processor which cuts off the rotting butts, and trims the limbs like it was a toothpick for the ButtandTop to load the trees onto the truck, they are then hauled to the mill and taken off the truck with the front end loader. We only got a picture of the front end loader.

They take mostly Pine and Birch and they are pretty good about replanting the clearcuts, it was quite an impressive operation. I'm sure logging on the coast with the big cedars and spruce is much different. They are cutting more trees this year since there is a pine beetle infestation in this area that was allowed to occur because of successful forest fire prevention!

This is one of our campsites, this picture is for Stokey, recognize anything :-)