Wasatch Crest Trail - Fall of 2001 (Sept 8, 2001)

Day 2 of riding in the MIGHTY WASATCH. Gary has mentioned this ride many times over the past and like a true friend he knew that this would destroy our legs like no other ride in this area. The option to ride the road was passed by Al and I, the others rode. I felt no need for gratuitous climbing since I knew we would get our fair share.

The wasatch crest trail is part of the 3000 mile Great Western Trail that goes from Canada to Mexico. Lee and I were on part of it on Boulder mountain off hwy 12 in Utah last October. Come to think of it, there was no air there either. Both areas were at an elevation of ~10,000feet.

The start of the climb was innocuous enough

lowerclimbs.jpg (134491 bytes)

But we were just getting started. As in most climbs the end is always the worst

Here's Roger making like Lance in his fancy trek jersey;

climbrogers.jpg (69587 bytes)

And me, wait for me to get back on my bike before you take the picture!

climbsbs.jpg (71998 bytes)

Finally at the top we were able to allow our heart rates to decrease and oxygen to get back into our muscles,

Me, Lee and Gary

topmegarylees.JPG (78298 bytes)

The Group shot!
topgroupshots.jpg (80399 bytes)

We traversed the ridge doing many ups and downs and loopdy loops, looked at views (lee will make the pano for you) and got to the 'technical' part of the trail. The RED ROCK.

The Fruitians coasted down with ease

redspotkevin3downs.jpg (98847 bytes)

redspotkevin4s.jpg (107343 bytes)

The local Shore GOD had to go the unorthodox route

Is this the line?

redspotlee1s.jpg (66553 bytes)

Or this….

redspotlee2s.jpg (68182 bytes)

Three times lucky!
redspotlee3s.jpg (63079 bytes)

redspotlee4s.jpg (55315 bytes)

And by Lee's standards, he came out without a scratch!
leeknee2s.jpg (114530 bytes)

The trail continued down down down

sbsingletracks.jpg (149089 bytes)

Twist and turn

sebkevins.jpg (142636 bytes)

And down some more

descentjds.jpg (95649 bytes)

descent4riderss.jpg (94886 bytes)

Until the Final descent right back to the camground where we could FEED.

meats.jpg (92645 bytes)

garymeat2s.jpg (54484 bytes)

And from the looks of things not a moment to soon!

sebjds.jpg (80014 bytes)