A ride in the Selkirks or are they the Columbian Mountains of Eastern British Columbia!

Not far from the little town of Revelstoke, BC, up a road towards the Dam where this picture was taken. There is a great ride.

After a 15km ride up up up a logging road, you see a little trail going off into the trees. You climb up this trail and VOILA!

You are in the Alpine!

This is what they meant by single track!

Stopping occasionally to smell the wild flowers and take in the views, the Wandering Englishman is speechless at the rides in our Backyard.

The two Edge Bikes commune in this Mountain biking wonderland!

Even the locals are impressed with the grand scenery!


The buff single track was broken occasionally by the rock slides that frequent these high alpine areas.

Fortunately we passed this area AFTER the Grizzley with her cubs were long gone! You can see the trail snake back up the valley.

to pass through yet another Alpine Meadow!

The end of this ride brought us to a Cabin, with a very distinctive Outhouse that Lee couldn't resist!

Alas, our time was short with the coming of clouds that threatened precipitation, which at this time could be snow!

Again the Wandering Englishman contemplates his fate and how any other ride could rival this one!

Back through the meadows and Alpine flowers we ride!




Marvelling at the views ahead!

The Wandering Englishman coasting through the flowers on his new bike!

Back in Rogers Pass at the well stocked Alpine Club of Canada Cabin.

Unfortunately I can't tell you where this ride is, unless I kill you.