If at first you haven't ridden enough, RIDE, RIDE AGAIN!

Day Two in Downieville.

Jed and Gary remained after our two shuttle runs on Sunday, to show us some more classic California trails. Initially we were going to ride to the fricken 4200 feet at the top of Packers Saddle until reason prevailed. We decided that our energy would be best spent enjoying the views! and rippin' the descents! We climbed plenty ANYWAY.

Here we climbed up on a cow trail, cow's make great trails!

They even have some little steep sections to wander on up!


Twisting through the Ponderous Ponderosa's! They don't make 'em this big in Canada!

A nice view of a Sierra Slope.

Gary was trying to scare away some dogs by marking his territory...

He also scared away some hunters!

Some more of the Perfect Cow Trail!

After we rode along the ridge, back down the Rock Garden Descent and through only one of the creek crossings, we started up the climb to Big Boulder!

Gary's pining for the time he tried out for Cirque Du Soleil, but thankful he didn't get picked.

Gary's pic (sorry had to pinch it, it was too nice!)

Lunch before the big rip! Sierra Butte in the background.

Finally the descent down BIG BOULDER!

Not a lot of pictures here, we were on the edge the whole time! Great trail! Even worth the climb!

After Big Boulder we took the undulating 2nd divide trail!

Jed negotiating the switchback!

Me negotiating too!

Who said Sasquatches were only in the Kootenies!

The last drop down to Downieville!

Thanks for the great day of riding you guys! You tired me out!

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