Going DOWN in Downieville.

We've heard so much about that California Singletrack. We heard about the dust, the endless trail sprawled out before you where your only limitation is your how fast you want to go, and can your tires hold you on that turn. We had to see for ourselves.

We hooked up with the infamous Norcal Crew, Pete the Porn Star. Gary, the oil junky. Jed the DUDE. JFR, wait I have to fix my flat! Steve, if only I had a dually, Jim, how did I get mud on my nose - oh, nevermind. Jason, how FAST is the bullit!

We were not to be dissapointed

That Gary guys just TOO fast! Must have been the stuff he was shooting...


Here's JFR and Jilm, before JFR's unfortuntately crash with reality.

Pete, wanting us to give him his best shot

Jim, was this how he got the mud on his nose?


Jed on the FOR SALE Heckler. It is a beautiful bike, rarely ridden... and NO he's not about to huck a 5 footer!

Little Lee with the MIGHTY Downie River surging behind him!

Gary, anxious to get back for his fix!

Time for DINNER! Yum Finchy YUM!

The Truth about Gary...

gassing up for another run!

Thanks for a great day guys! Remember, anytime you want us to return the favour!

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