A ride on Foreplay, Whistler July 6 2002

Foreplay is a trail being built by Chris Markle with assistance from the Whistler Offroad Cycling Association. This is the same builder that built Kill Me Thrill Me. This trail will eventually begin at Wedge Creek as a return option from Kill Me Thrill Me. To access this trail you ride North in the Lost Lake Cross Country Ski area, when on Old Mill Road you'll see an access road off to the right, go up this until you get to a bend in the road, if you look left you'll see the start of the trail.

X- axis is in km's.Y-axis is Meters.

The Entrance;

From the XC Ski area you go into the forest and follow a twisty singletrack section that eventually climbs across a Frisbee Golf Course. The start of the climb is at 664meters.

You eventually climb out and can see the Nicholas North Golf Course and Whistler Villiage.

Once out of the single track the trail follows a granite path in its convoluted


ridable only by the mighty

sometimes bridged

area with a few level spots to catch your breath.

with its options for playing

again and again

you again enter the woods to reach a highpoint of 966meters in the current 10km's of the trail. Where you bike can rest in its resplendent glory

Time to Turn around and head back home!

The way back offers a few different lines that you could not have climbed up

some of them you did though...

since this will ultimately be a downhill back to the Villiage, these lines will be the trail!


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