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The tea ceremony is a Chinese tradition that is practised on many occasions. One of these occasions is to welcome the new bride into the groom's family.  The bride and groom serve tea to their older relatives.  In this way the bride is "introduced" and "accepted" into the groom's family.

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Mr. and Mrs. Lau

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The Bride and Groom

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Here is Lee serving tea to Kent and Edith Tsang from California.  

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Here is Sharon nattily attired in a very traditional Chinese jacket also serving tea. Sharon looks incredible!

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In the preceding two pics, Lee's dad and sister explain the great Chinese custom of giving little red packets containing money to the bride and groom when they serve tea!  Yay to the tea ceremony!

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A toast to the bride and groom.

Our Wedding Day!         |        The Wedding Bike Ride!