Fruita Colorado. April 27th 2003

The return to Moore Fun for More! and a ride down the Ribbon! We were going to do Moore from from East to West then back again. But once is enough! So we came back via Steve's loop. We then drove to Kevin's Chalet ate, then Shuttled the Ribbon with some other Fruita riders.

Here's Gary looking Fresh on Moore Fun!


Laurie looking refreshed out of the Georgia Sun!

Lisa not missing the Vancouver rain at all!

Rigid Markus denying that his arms hurt

Taking in the View of the Colorado on Steve's Trail!

Lee on the Ribbon!

A techy ribbon bit!

After completing the Ribbon we leave these sands of time via Andy's. One big climb and swoopy sweepy descending later we are back on the Lawn of Kevin's!


Thus ends Day 2 of riding in the desert heat. My pasty Canadian skin is not happy. Tomorrow will be a long sleeve day...

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