Gooseberry Mesa May 30th 2003

We've heard about it. We've seen the picture of it. Now we had to experience it. Gooseberry Mesa. Somewhere in South Western Utah near a little town called Hurricane down a road, take a left go up the road take another left at the cattle guard, find a place to camp, then ride. ok.

First we had to get there. We took Scenic Hwy 12. I can never get tired of this drive!

View from Hwy 12 looking over Capitol Reef with the Henry Mountains in the background

Gotta love those American Roads!

Once on Gooseberry Mesa Gary guided us through the maze of bowls and ledges. Aided fortunately by the white dots...

What you can ride down! You can also ride up!

It's also a nice place to just hang out. Lisa and Sharon.

Unless your Rigid Markus wanting to impress everyone with his style and grace!

Martin on the single track

The group. Martin, Makrus, Lisa, Brian, Gary and Sharon.

Gary leading us into Hidden Canyon. Another trail that skirts along slickrock ledges

Markus on the ledge

Up and down the slickrock we go!

Where traction ends

nobody knows!

Lots of little features on this trail! Here's Martin.

Convoluted it was!

More slickrock ledges! Gary and Martin



Lee launching with ZION in the background!

Rigid Markus checking out the Dark Side!

He could wheelie drop it too! Must not be that different from his Blizzard!

Martin on one of the many steep climbs!

Sharon climbing some more

The group on the point!



Sharon with Gary and Brian

Brian soaking in the Utah sun!

Lisa and Markus

Brian doing the gap!

Lee and Sharon

Brian Lee and Gary

The view from one side of our campsite. ZION in the background!

Thus ends our riding vacation in Utah. We'll be back!

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