July 2003

Vedder Mountain and the Woodlot

In Chilliwack, for many years Vedder Mountain was the venue for a vicious cross-country race. I've been hearing many rumors that Vedder has been transformed into something as vicious but with more gravity. Off we go one glorious July weekend to find some trails. With the kind help of the good folks at Jacks Cycle (Rob Friesen) and Fracture Products (Derek Roque) I've already been given a tour of some trails so am now playing tour guide.

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We start off with Lesbians Only where everyone struggles - not having the slightest bit of a warm up. Here's Dave Wicks.

The next trail - Wifebeater - starts off with a rock face ridden by Chris

Wifebeater is replete with gaps and jumps. Here is Nigel totally misgauging a take off and clearing the transistion by multiple bike lengths. Earth to Nigel......

Here's PD on the same jump with a little less exuberance

We're then off to Hidden Pleasures. This trail doesn't have quite as many gaps but still has the odd fun jump. Here is Dave taking off.

Followed by PD. Its super dry and dusty so what you're seeing is dust on the lens - not water.

Finally we're off to Predator - steep, dusty and natural. Not too many stunts on Predator - here's Chris rolling off a ladder.

Dave off a steep tongue into a steeper chute. Did I mention it was steep?

A typical section of trail on Predator.

We're then off to the Woodlot for round 2 of this daytrip. Off we hoof up the climb and then on to Platinum.

Here's PD getting all artsy off the first step-up on Platinum.

I'm really not the greatest gap jumper in the world and eat dirt on the next gap stacking hard. Here's the aftermath - with broken brake and all

Nigel rolls a skinny

then contemplates some rather large air

We finish up with Hekyl and Jekyl. Here is Dave on the jump on the entrance.

and on the ladder bridge over a swamp.