Manning Park, BC July 12/13th 2003.

Day 1 - Placer Lake

After driving the big three hours into Manning Provincial Park and getting to the Copper Creek FS Campground we found the primo spot! Lucky for us we actually blocked a group from taking this site the previous night so it was OURS!

One thing it lacked was ammenities, so we made one... to the wonderment of the group that camped below here AFTER we'd already dug the hole! oh well

The first day we rode to Placer Lake. It ended up being a loggging road climb through a logged area. We were able to see the Peaks of Cathedral Provincial Park in the distance though!

Not that it can be made out...

The heat wave was in full force on this trip making creek stops manditory

A little refreshement before the push to the actual trail head!

Some people are slower

but make up for it on the descent

The heat was still enough to justify a plunge into the merky depths

The view of the Lake

The only technical section we could find!

The way back down we were able to take Snow Mobile Trails! This saved us from having to go back down the road! Back at camp the manditory Beer and Dip in the river ensued despite our new neighbours with small children...


Day 2 - Hope Dewdney Pass Trail

The Trail started 23km up the Whipsaw FSR at the Marmot City horse camp. From here we climbed amoungst the wildflowers

and wild men

meandering down the singletrack

and flowers

across the fields

through more flowers!

A map of the Cascade Recreational area that enters into Manning Park.

A descent down the Hope-Dewdney pass trail from here would be EPIC! It will also take you into Manning Provincial Park where mountain bikers, but not horses... are restricted. The loop would entail a rather long shuttle unless you do the 50km+ road ride back to the FSR and up to the car.


Day 3 - Legal Manning Park Single Track - Windy Joe.

This ride is a road that takes you to a Fire Lookout Station. Interestingly, the fabled and Illegal for Mountain Bikes - Pacific Crest Trail also begins here.

The intersection of the PCT

The view from the Fire Lookout

Our little riding group

Stunned Lisa and Markus, Bob, Greg, Sharon and Lee

Thanks for a great weekend of riding!