Lake Wenatchee - Lower Chiwawa Hammer Fest

We've heard the riding there was fun. Mile and miles of singletrack created by the Moto Heads of the US. It is best to go with people who know the area. We knew someone, Brian Berg who went with us to Utah. He's pretty fit :-) It should make for some good riding going with his friends.

After the Mini Van and RV was packed we were OFF to Lake Wenatchee to camp and do some epic riding!

(Click on Map to to See Larger Scale)

So we hook up with Brian's 24 Hour race buddies. All 40+ with Minivans and teenage kids! How fast can they be? I'll tell ya, this is not a question to ask a bunch of guys away from their families for a weekend of riding... They HAMMERED!

Day One had us off at the Crack of Noon for our 50km 6 hour ride.

Here I am struggling to keep up on the Motor Bike created Whoop de Doops of Lower Chiwawa trail. This trail went for a fair ways up and down then UP then down, the ground was dusty and soft then a bit moister and grippier, then bermy then jumpy!

Here's Trevor the Feared Leader on a Testosterone Driven Rage heading the charge! GOD, think I, if we keep up this pace I'm TOAST.

Gary, Brians buddy pushing the pace with the rest of them.

Al reliving his Motor Cycle days without the Horses.

Brian Berg. Loving the Pain like only Norwegians and their Pain Loving Genes can do.

Kerry, I too can feel no pain. This ain't no spinning class!

Trevor again creating the dust the rest of us breathed.

Brian resting along the ridge.

Al, cruising along

Kerry, this is a smile of pleasure! A time to forget the teenage daughters and who they're running around with!

Here I am working hard to keep up!

The Group Shot - Kerry, Sharon, Lee, Trevor, Gary, Brian (Al's taking the picture)

The Wine and Lasagna cooked in the Luxury RV were mighty good after this hot hammering day!

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