Day 3 The Short Loop - Chikamin Ridge

It has been three days now. We're getting tired. The legs are feeling heavy, the resting heart rate is not so restful. We have one more day of sunshine to ride. It's just a short one though, only 20km!!! After yesterdays 40km ride, the previous days 50km ride, dis wus nuttin'


Dale and Al, only one big climb, right? Too bad its hot enough to fry eggs on the road up this climb. We double-wussed out and didn't climb up the Mirror Ridge singletrack

Brian, why's that head hanging? He must be looking at his heart rate AGAIN!

Trevor - got -- to -- stay--- in --- front---

Dale, riding Dwayne's Cove Hummer loaner.

Sharon riding the Berm

Carolyn riding the berm!

Al Railing the Berm in Krusty style!

Dave holding the edge!

Trevor too!

Dwayne kicking up some dust! Must only be Day 2 for him!

The follies of late Spring. Getting your feet wet when it's +30 degrees C is not so bad actually. Lots of heat equals lots of meltwater

The descent! Dwayne





Carolyn and Dale

Kerry, on wayward son

There will be beer when we are done

Lay your weary legs to rest

Don't you ride no more.

Until next year anyway!

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