It seems that our Cross Country trails have become quite famous! People from all over the world come here to see for themselves.

Guy on the Big GLC drop, about 5 feet to ? depending on how fast you go off it.

Saar on the Big GLC Drop. After breaking his rear shock on his Big Hit, he opted for a classic North Shore .243 Racing Hard Tail for the same price!

Gilad on the smaller GLC Drop. Only 3 feet.

After the guys spent the day at the Whistler Bike Park. We took the to the REAL trails. PHD near Pemberton.
Guy climbing like the XC animal he is!

This is the top section of the trail that is still under construction. Guy wished he'd brought his bike up!


The middle part of PHD. Saar riding the first big rock face.

Guy riding the same rock face. You can see me standing near the bottom.

Gilad on the same face from a different angle.

The second steep rock face. The interesting thing about this face is the sharp right turn at the bottom...

Saar on the same rock face. Did he make the turn?

Gilad on the trail that goes around the rock face.


Sharon on one of the rock faces on this XC Ride.



Gilad, yes more boring rock faces.


Near the bottom of the trail it gets more dusty. We need rain! Gilad.



Later in the Day after eating some lunch in Pemberton. We went on another short XC ride. Tower of Power. Before we go down, we must go up!


Gilad starting the descent.

Three Israeli's on the TOWER OF POWER.

Guy rocking down with Mount Currie in the background.

Saar on the bottom part of what Guy is on above.

Guy on a tricky chundered bit.

The BIG SLAB. Notice the different styles between the local and the visitor?

Saar heads back up the BIG ROCK SLAB.

Hope you guys had fun! Come on back for some more XC Adventures!