Clemenceau attempt - April 12, 2005

Here are Jonny's pics of his groups' attempt on Mt Clemenceau. The weather breaks nicely for them.

This picture shows the group approaching Clemenceau and the view of its south face from the Tusk Glacier.

View of the base camp and Shipton's east face.

Tusk, Irvine and Shipton from the base of Clemenceau approaching the first set of bergschrund.

The lower slopes of Clemenceau; about 35 degrees and a little wind-scoured.

View of the Duplicate Glacier showing how impenetrably broken it looks and view of the east face of Tusk Peak from the middle slopes of Clemenceau's south west face.

Approaching the last third of Clemenceau's SW face. The route contours over to the west/picture right and navigates through some seracs guarding the approach to summit via the west face.

This is as close as the party gets to summit. The winds pick up and storm clouds seem to be coming in quick from the south-east. Of course, just as the group skis off the lower slopes, the weather breaks again. Typical Rockies weather.