Movement Sparks Carbon

Is this a tele or alpine ski: Either
Length: 173
Tip width: 121
Waist: 82
Tail: 110
Weight in this length: ?
Boots used: Garmont G-Rides
Bindings used: Fritchi Freerides
How many days on the skis: Two
Resort or backcountry: One day Backcountry, one day resort
Geographical region: Duffey Lake Backcountry Area, Whistler Inbounds
Tell us about the terrain you ski: Varied
Do you know how the skis were tuned (bevel): no
How long have you been skiing: 20years
How many days a year: 50+
Previous ski that you liked: Atomic Rex, Salomon Pocket Rockets
Previous ski you did not like: Head IM80, Volants
How big are you: 150lbs, 5'9"
Mostly tele or parallel: Parallel

We had the pleasure of trying out some new skis today! I was on a pair of Movement 173 Carbon Fibre Sparks. My first impression was the incredible lightness and quick handling! I could move these skis around like nothing. While skinning up I could stride effortlessly! We also used Coltex skins that also glided quite well. They were flexy at the tip and tail, but quite stiff laterally when I need to get purchase on anything. Skiing down in the variable snow was predictable. They did get thrown around a bit in deeper crud but for a 82 underfoot, 173cm ski that is to be expected. Skiing out in the trees, which consisted of melt freeze snow, I was able to maneuver quite quickly and the skis stayed well on the surface of the snow. The graphics are very cool.