SORCERER LODGE - February 24th - March 3rd, 2007

Northern Selkirks

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Greg Paulhus email of March 11, 2006

Hi all!

Planning for the 2007 ski trip have already began and Sorcerer Lodge has been booked for February 24-March 3. According to Chris' calculations
(thanks Chris!) the cost per person will be $875 which will include lodge,flight, all meals and cook. We expect to see Didi back once again in the
kitchen although I haven't recieved confirmation from her. Hopefully shestill likes us and wants to join us again! Hope to hear from you soon Didi.

As I said we expect the cost to be $875 based upon 15 people. A non-refundable deposit of $200 holds your spot and the ballance will be
due December 1st, 2007. As will the past trips there will be no refunds no matter the weather or conditions.

Here is a link for the Sorcerer Lodge website. Hopefully it can do a better selling job than I. There is a trip report at the bottom of the links page
to check out.


Greg Paulhus email of Jan 17, 2007 (attached Information Package.doc)

Hi all, just a quick e-mail to update you on the ski trip.

It looked like the trip was full but two people have backed out so there is now a couple of openings. If you know anyone who might be interested please have them get in contact with me.

Tannis is recommending that we take advantage of the bus service she is providing to the staging area. The cost is $20 per person and would allow you to leave your car in Golden where it would be more secure and less likely to be buried by 15 feet of snow... Let me know how you all feel about the bus and I'll reserve it if there is enough interest.

Speaking of heading to the staging area... Tannis meets the group for breakfast at the Kicking Horse River Hostel in Golden at 6am then heads up to the staging area at 7am sharp. Yikes, early morning! So the idea is to stay Friday night at the Hostel to make for an easier Saturday morning. The info packet I will include in this e-mail has the contact info for the hostel and some other recommended hotels in Golden. Please let me know what your plans are for Friday night and if there is enough people maybe we can book a group room or two. Tannis also requests a group meeting at 8pm Friday night to discuss last minute details etc.

We also need a brief list of qualifications of some of our more experienced group members. Full resumes not required, just a summary for the insurance file. If a couple people could step forward to become our designated group leaders that would be much appreciated.

That's it for now.
Talk soon...

Picture from John Seibert's website

Panorama looking north west to north east from Rogers - Swiss Col - elevation 2940m


Mt Iconoclast from Rogers - Swiss col. The peak can be approached from the col to picture right.