2010 North Shore Bike Festival

June 5th and 6th

Last year was the Resurrection, this year it’s the Resurgence of mountainbike racing and culture as the North Shore Bikefest returns.

The 2010 North Shore Bikefest celebrates outdoor recreation and cycling with tons of bike activities for the whole family.

Plus of course, the Lezyne Marathon XC dedicated to Richard Juryn returns on the most scenic of trails on the Shore. And the Specialized Smackdown BC Cup Downhill on the venerable Neds Atomic Dustbin.

Festival grounds with the Beer Garden and Concession in the Lacrosse box, demo tents in background.

The Festival is home to two keystone events. The Lezyne Marathon XC and Seymour Smackdown DH.

The Marathon started at Inter River park this year and finished just up the road so riders could coast down to the festival grounds.

Through the BMX track!

The Marathon Continued for another 25km.

Photos can be seen here!

Video of the Marathon can be seen here!

How the weekend went:

2010 North Shore Bike Festival on Vimeo.


Trek Family zone hosted Bike Demo's, by Trek, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Giant, Transition, Banshee, MEC, Marin and Norco. Tents manned by Obsession, John Henry, Steed Cycles, Different Bikes, North Shore Bike Shop, Lynn Valley Bike Shop, Scott, On Top Bike Shop. Guided rides by Endless Biking and NS Ride. Endless Biking Pump Track. Also present at the Expo were Moveo Massage offering Massage! And Chariot Carriers Inc.

Needless to say we were fuelled by Bean Around the World.

Endless BIking Fun Zone featuring the Pump Track!

Community corner with NS Ride and NSMBA.

Shirley, Bill, Brian

Bike Demos.

Never know what you might see! Graham with Rocky's latest Element!

Steed and Scott demo tents.

Kim, ?, Chris

Chuck from Scott Bikes!

Marin Bikes

MEC Bike Demos!

Duke from On Top

Trek Demos

Tony! Trident.

Matt and Jeremy from North Shore Bike Shop.

Willie! John Henry Bikes


LOU! Obsession.


Also happening on Saturday were the kids races presented by ESC Adventures!

End of the Expo area where Muddbunnies and ESC Adventures hung out along with the MEC Bike Valet.

MEC Bike Valet.

The Muddbunnies

Endless Biking loading up for a guided ride. Check out some pics from one of the rides!

Mt Seymour Lions Club getting ready to feed the crowds!

Cyclebetes Beer garden! Raise a beer and raise money to fight childhood diabetes!

Gary in his natural habitat.

The Cowboy Coffee guys in their second natural setting.

Gary and his girls!

The Festivities

Chris Ferguson - Ensured the expo site ran like clock work!

Christie - Registration, She'll get you in for cookies!

Dan Gronross - DH Course Chief with Layne Marett

Aimee! Volly coordinator extraordinaire!

Layne and Aimee

James with his son in training! Amazingly enough, this one likes talking on a mic!

Darren protecting his noggin! Patty and Jay in the back helping out in the pump track!

Endless Biking Guided rides were going morning and afternoon, both days!

The pump track was a hit with the kids!

James' new office!

Sunday kids event featured - Scavenger hunt! Here they were at the Bean Tent using coffee sacks!

The weather held up until the afternoon just in time for the DH results.

The finalists

1st Fafard, Ewan
2nd Skogland , Dan
3rd Digiacinto , Adriano
4th Therrien, Jean Sebastain
5th Vanderham, Thomas