Special Ed, Pyramid, Secret Slickrock tour
June 24

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

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Today was a slow day for me. But you have to take advantage of these great trails to go out even when you'd rather hide from the hot hot Sedona sun. Today we covered 18km with a mere 400m of climbing in 5 hours!

We rode a John special.

SE to Pyramid to Witch Doctor to Pyramid to Cake Walk to Ram Head to Under Under the Radar to Double D to Rams Head to Ridge to Secret Slickock to Ridge to Sketch to Lemonade to Old Ridge to Ridge to Caroll Canyon to Homie

Heading to the trail.

The trail was pretty soft today which made for some tough technical riding.

Yup, more technical with some more great views!

The Double D cacti shrine.

Jen and Sharon on secret slickrock

More climbing back to Sedona.

Lots of prickly pear on this ride!

John, Sharon, Jen and Lee.

Apres at Johns

Lee and Sue!

Dinner time. Sue, Jean, Curtis, Sharon and John.

Dinner with a view!


Johns Special, Sedona, Arizona

  Special Ed - Secret Slickrock - Pyramid from Lee Lau on Vimeo.