Mark Wood - Program Manager of the NSMBA


To the Mountain Bike Community.

We wish to acknowledge that Lee, myself and the NSMBA have come to a resolution regarding Mark Wood's responsibilities as the Program Manager of the NSMBA.

As members of the public, and independent volunteer trail builders I, Sharon Bader and Lee Lau are not associated with the NSMBA. We do not participate in NSMBA programmes and accordingly are not subject to whatever authority the NSMBA or its paid full-time program manager Mark Wood thinks that they may have.

Since we are not participating in NSMBA programs Mark Wood has no say over our trailwork or our activities. Mark Wood and the NSMBA have acknowledged this fact. As such we wish to move forward and conduct our business independently with respect to each other. Additionally, the NSMBA has retracted and withdrawn any allegations it has made about us.

We encourage any other people who are working independently of the NSMBA and Mark Wood, and who do not wish to be contacted, harassed, bullied or under the assumed authority of Mark Wood to contact the NSMBA Directors ( to reach a similar agreement.


Sharon Bader.

North Vancouver Resident and Mountain Biker.

If you wish to contact us email us at