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Intuition Liners are known for producing high performance boot liners for use in ski, snowboard boots and for other applications.

The ProTongue and Pro Wrap liners might be the stiffest liners has ever brought into the world. Confusingly, they are very different beasts than the ProTour liners reviewed here which might be among the softest liners Intuition produces (these guys gotta clean up the product names).

How stiff? Noticeably stiffer than the Luxury or old Powerwrap liners so a Wild Ass Guess would put them at 10 - 15% stiffer. This is achieved by the use of AEPE foam (the stiffest foam Intuition uses) throughout the liner body and other design tweaks to optimize stiffness.

Another distinguishing feature of the Pro Tongue and Pro Wrap liner is that the liner base is 6mm of foam which can be removed to accommodate either thinner foam (Intuition will supply on request) or a footbed. Once removed only strobel board remains on the liner bottom; theoretically giving one more options when heat-molding the liner to customize for footbeds, or if desired, for foam.

Video above inserted for no other reason other than all the people in it used Intuition Liners


Because the liners are so stiff I would imagine that one will want to custom-fit or cook these liners. The foam is not like the Intuition 2.0 Dreamliner foam which is softer and more readily and quickly molds to one's foot through normal use. Instead the Pro Wrap and Pro Tongue are so stiff that you could possibly beat your feet into submission if you try to allow body heat to custom fit the liner through normal use. For the custom molding process either use the Intuition-supplied rice bag heated self-cooking method or visit a dealer who can take care of custom-fitting.

Pictured below are medium volume version of these liners. "Medium" refers to volume thus if you had a high volume boot and you wanted to take up more space you might want a high volume liner. For a low volume plug boot you might want a low volume or "plug" liner in Intuition-speak or even size down a liner.

At 332g and 344g respectively the Pro Tongue and Pro Wrap liners are generally a bit heavier than the Intuition Pro-Tour (220g) and Luxury Liners I have used (weight ranges from 225g to 260g depending on model years and whether or not I left the laces in). However, you don't get these things for weight savings but for downhill performance.

From L to R: New Pro Tongue liner, Dynafit Vulcan, old bagged out Luxury liner (note the near-identical height of both liners

Intuition's new Pro Wrap liner


Cost and how to buy

Cost of the Intuition Pro Tongue and Pro Wrap liner is the same as the standard Intuition liner – around $180.00. Liners are available either direct through Intuition or at Intuition retailers.


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Bottom Line

If you want maximum downhill performance and are willing to sacrifice a bit of weight savings and touring performance get these liners. If you lean more touring visit Intuition's site and check out the links mentioned above to pick other liners.


From L to R: Scarpa Intuition-made liner modelled after the ProTour liner (comes with Maestrale RS), Pro Wrap and Pro Tongue liner. Note the Scarpa liner is ever so slightly taller

From L to R: Scarpa Maestrale RS and liner, Atomic alpine boots and Power Wrap, Dynafit Vulcan and Pro Tongue