ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF MOUNTAIN BIKING - some selected studies 2016

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British Columbia

Kamloops - email Larose Research and Strategy to request a copy

Bridge River - 2012 Bridge River Valley Tourism Workshop Report final

BC Bike Race - 2014 BCBR EI report-Final

Northern BC - full report 2014 MBTA-Northern-BC-Mountain-Bike-Recreation-Tourism-Development-Strategy-12042014 and survey - 2014 Northern BC EIA draft Mountain Bike Riders Survey Summary Report Oct 15 2014

Revelstoke - 2014 Revelstoke BC MacphersonEconomicImpactStudyRecovered


Coldwater Alabama - 2012 Coldwater - Alabama 2012 Coldwater-Bike-Trail-economic

Oakridge, Oregon - 2014 Oakridge OR June 2014The_Impacts_of_Mountain_Bike_Tourism_in_Oakrige_Oregon


Tasmania, Australia - 2013 - Tasmania Potential for Mountain Biking in North Eastern Tasmania - March 2013

Graubuenden, Switzerland - 2015 Graubunden HB_grBIKE_2.211_Befragung-der-bestehenden-Mountainbike-Gaeste 2015

Taupo - 2013 Taupo NZ Assessment_of_Taupo_Cycling_Economic_Impact_2013-08-12(1) and Rotorua, New Zealand - 2016 Rotorua NZ Crankworx - Economic Impact Assessment and Visitor Analysis of the Event on Rotorua



General information

Scotland historical re mountain bikers as a target market - 2005 Scotland cyclin mbikingsummary_2005 and EIA re mountain biking in general - 2009 Scotland Economic-Impact-of-Mountain-Biking-Final-Report

New Zealand historical case study for the Manawatu Region re planning - 2007 New Zealand jost0080097

UK profile of all mountain bikers - 2007-8 UK Mtb tourism participant characteristics DISSERTATION_MICHAL_GAJDA

UK general EIA for all cycling (impossible to carve out mountain biking) 2014 UK A Systematic review and meta-analyses of the potential local economic impact of tourism and leisure cycling

UK profile for mountain bikers in competitive events - 2007 - UK - Competitive Events - Dan Harmon - Final Report

BC general re marketing to mountain bikers - 2008 BC Mountain Biking Tourism Association 2008 mbtguide08_web and re Tourism Marketing plan - 2010 Mountain-Bike-Tourism-Plan-March-2010-Final

Parks Canada re profile of mountain bikers -2010 Parks Canada Mountain-Biking_Market-Profiles

Arizona re economic impacts of all human powered recreation - 2011 Arizona Human Powered Recreation Study 041211 and re impacts of all cycling (primarily road) - 2013 ArizonaTrail_Study_71-bicycle-impact-arizona

Jackson Hole re economic impact of all trail users - exec summary 2011 Jackson Hole JHTP_ExecutiveSummary and full study 2011 Jackson Hole kaliszewski_JHTP_final

Wales - EIA of all outdoor recreation (impossible to carve out mountain biking) - 2014 Wales The-Economic-Impact-of-Outdoor-Activity-Tourism-in-Wales-Visit-Wales-March-2014

Washington state re re economic impacts of all outdoor recreation (impossible to carve out mountain biking)- 2015 Washnigton state EconomicAnalysisOutdoorRec