Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Schooner Bowl

Thursday was as cold as Wednesday – -27 or so… – but the sun was out! We headed to Schooner Bowl, another south facing bowl for some more pow! The last run back from Schooner bowl was Kitchen Envy – so named becuase you can watch  people ski this run from the kitchen window at Battle Abbey.

The group really split up today, the guys who were out all day yesterday did one run, some of us did two runs in Schooner pass and others did three! Some others even opted to take a day off. Even LEE! Until he saw everyone ski down Kitchen Envy! It worked! He put his gear on and did two runs!

My day was 1600m

Jo all bundled for the descent

Back up Schooner pass

Getting ready for round two or back to the Abbey

Robson on Kitchen Envy

Ilze on Kitchen Envy

Robson back at the Abbey calling the skiers in for beer!

Sharon on Kitchen Envy

Lee on Kitchen Envy – note the contrasting turning styles



Battle Abbey in the Selkirks – Schooner Pass at EveryTrail

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