BC Road Trip – Day 6 – Revelstoke – Keystone Standard Basin

Keystone Standard Basin, located 50km up Hwy 23 north of Revelstoke offers spectacular views and if you get there early enough Alpine Flowers as we rode through when we went there in Aug 2002.

After another morning at the Wadey Campsite reading and enjoying our coffee

We anxiously get ready for another day of riding!

Dave, a Ranger from the Rogers Pass Visitors Centre, joined us today. We normally see him in winter before heading out to ski in Rogers Pass. We drove the 16km up the Keystone Standard FSR to this parking lot.

Nigel is amazed that someone has hair that sticks up more then his! We start climbing steadily up through the trees. Frenchman’s cap sitting high in the background.

Climbing higher the lack of air makes things fuzzy up here!

Lee and Dave

Nigel and Tyler

The singletrack just goes on and on! As does the background scenery!

Sharon and Nigel



We thought we were high on this trail, but the surrounding mountains are sooo much higher!

Taking a break!

Approaching the actual Basin!

chain gang rides in!

More Singletrack!

Tyler and Dave

Slowly making our way across, Frenchman’s cap in the back used to be in the middle of the picture!


Not quite at the Basin yet…

Tyler and Nigel

Gotta stop to take in the view!

Tyler and Nigel

Lee rode the Ti Hard Tail on this trail, letting Nigel ride the Fluid

Lee Lau

Keep on riding!


Getting closer to the Basin

Nigel and Tyler

Could be some good skiing here! Sled Accesed

Lee and Dave


Getting closer to the Basin


Yup, Getting closer


Entering the Basin!

Sharon, Nigel, Tyler

Pano of the Basin

can you see the climb out?

We were back there!


But not on the Glacier where Lee might like to be!


Riding down towards the Lake


Coming down yet another alpine meadow!


Endless Meadow surrounded by glaciated peaks

Dave, Tyler

Pano looking towards the Adamant Range and Mt. Sir Donald

The lake by


The Cabin! “The “Standard Cabin” is located approximately 11km along the trail. This cabin is situated on a recreation site and is open to recreational public use. Commercail use by outdoor and recreational enterprises is not allowed. The cabin was constructed by the Revelstoke Outdoor Alternate Program and is financed by provincial funds. ”

Looking at the map trying to identify the surrounding peaks.

Dave Lee and Nigel

Tyler checking out the Loo!

might help if you take your pants off…

The Lake shot!

Sharon and Lee

Riding back out yet another mountain meadow!

Yup more mountains, more meadows


Back down the switchbacks through the basin.

Spot the three riders!

Last shot before the descent!

Dave, Tyler, Sharon, Nigel

The Volvo was a bit worse for wear after coming down the road. One flat tire, one slow leaking tire – turned out there was a nail in it, then a third tire went flat! Time for new tires…

Lee fixing another flat.

That night the storms started rolling through. Pretty cool to hear the thunder, see the lightening then see the rain bearing down!

storm is coming!

The Lake even got a bit wild and the guys lost a couple can’s of beer!

Save the beer!

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