Blackcomb Nov 12 and 13

Went to Blackcomb today. Skied out to 7th Heaven with Ron. Skinned up Cloud Nine and headed over to the chair for some fresh turns. Dug a pit to look at results. 12.11.2005 – 1980m; facing 200degrees ie SWest; temp approx -4. Winds approx 15-20knts No WS; 28 cms new snow on top on ice layer – 1 finger hardness. Ice layer is 18 cms – pencil hardness. Snow below was equilibrium to ground- 2fingers hardness. Did a quick pit; CTM 15 CS on the ice layer. No more results on the lower snow. Then we went and skied

…. wheee

Ron coming right down the chairliftline.

Fall-line knee deep freshies in early November wheeee… its still snowing hard.

 Went to Blackcomb again. Skied inbounds in 17 cms new for the morning then went over to 7th Heaven again for more freshies. We managed to hook up with Mitch this time for a few turns as the sun broke out.

Did a hasty pit and rutschblock. The 17cms layer is the layer of concern this time as the 28 cms new snow from yesterday has bonded amazingly well. The 17cms layer failed on a rutschblock 5.

Then we skied again …. more wheee

First we got to see Mitch cut these beautiful turns down Disease Ridge (next 2 photos by Mitch Sulkers)

Mitch took a shot of us skinning up Cloud Nine – the Comfort Glades

We had to stop at the Comfort Glades to let Frank reflect on whether he could learn about Selkirk snow

But then we found another fresh powder slope.

Mitch finding more powder

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