Burke Mountain ride in the rain

Brian, Maya, Sharon, Dieter, Ed, Chris and me headed out to the hinterlands
to find trails that could be ridden in the wet but also would be fun in the
wet. It was time for some people to remember to take their tires down in pressure
from Whistler 50 psi tire pressure and recall what fun it can be to bounce
down roots and rolls.

With us was Dave the Aussie who has a year here and so far has volunteered
more effort at trail days then he has ridden! We felt he was deserving to be
shown natural slip and slide.

Apologies for the pictures in advance. I’m still trying to figure out how to
use a 50mm 1.8 portrait lens to shoot low-light shots in the woods. I suck
at that so far.

It was dry when we started – the only sound in the forest was Waltzing Matilda

After a bit of a climb on a babyhead – choked road, we dropped very quickly
into a trail. On the first ramp, Chris decided to try a bar-spin

Brian decided that he should just keep it simple and air out the chunder

Chris on some nameless rooty section – I like the light

Dave on roots, to downhill rock to small drop then tight turn section

It started raining a bit on the way down our 2nd lap and climb up – Ed looks
a bit muddy

Despite my assurances that it’s so easy a wallaby that’s as drunk as a welder’s
dog could do it, Dave decides not to do the A-frame.

As we get lower, the trees change to deciduous; their fallen leaves adding
to the glossy sheen of moss-covered coastal rainforest cedar log rides. This
is not Canberra singletrack but Dave is not deterred

Brian is so selfish he won’t widen this logride so that beginners can have
a go too

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