Callaghan Lodge – Your next backcountry lodge adventure?

Journeyman Lodge in Callaghan Country, Whistler BC.

The Sea to Sky corridor is definitely the land of skiing opportunity. While Whistler Blackcomb can host upwards of 31,000 skiers on its busiest day, it is also surrounded by ranges and areas that are accessed by far fewer people.

One of these areas is the Callaghan Valley. Just south west of Whistler, this range is blessed with dramatically more snow (averaging 50% more) due to a slightly different weather flow. It was this characteristic that brought Brad Sills and a group of Whistler Journeyman to explore this area and ultimately build a hut to share this terrain – Their contribution is The Journeyman Lodge.

Since the 80’s Brad and crew have created 47km of groomed cross country trails accessed from the Lodge. Also surrounding the Lodge is terrain offering a variety of backcountry experiences. From skiing up Solitude Glacier to view the mountain ranges in the distance to shorter treed slopes to cruise or pillow huck back to the valley. The easy access from the 1380m elevation Lodge makes this a destination for all levels of backcountry skiers.

An added plus is flexibility for the time-constrained; you can stay at the Lodge one, two or as many nights as you like depending on your schedule and sense of adventure. You can hang out in the comfort of the Lodge between runs and afterwards enjoy the Sauna and a dip in the freezing creek.

This is not a place to overlook when planning your next ski adventure.

Getting There

The base area is at Alexander Falls where you can either ski the 12km, 750m trip into Journeyman Lodge or pay extra for a sled or snow cat ride to have time and energy to explore on the first day in. This is done on groomed cross country trails so it’s easy, if somewhat of a long tour from valley floor. The shuttle to the lodge costs an additional $120 which helps to offset the cost of grooming and operations.

Lower lodge and store

We took the snow donkey

Sharon, Lee and Brad

Once at the Lodge you are assigned your rooms and given an overview of how things work in this luxury condo. Dinners are amazing, the breakfast was continental so a little lacking, we brought some extra breakfast wraps to fuel us for the day.   However a hearty lunch is provided which was quite good.

Journeyman Lodge

Checking out the run maps

Heading up Journeyman Peak. Behind is Hidden Peak and the area we skied the second day. We aimed for the slide path, but skied skiers left which was a bit steeper.

Skinning above tree line

Heading down Journeyman Peak

Great snow in the trees

Looking back at the slope we skied. We skied a route called FMG. See below for run pics.

Photo of Jos enjoying the view of Powder Mountain, the view behind Journeyman Peak – this was from a previous trip

Pow turns from a previous trip!

Outside the Lodge

Boot room.

Valerie putting out the apres

The next day we toured up towards Hidden Peak and made our way to the slide path for our descent. We chose to ski to the left of the slide path for a steeper option.

Hidden Peak slopes (click on link for larger image)


Some good snow in the alpine

Treed skiing was nice too!

The winds were blowing hard and cold on this trip so we didn’t stay out long.

The Sauna is a few minute walk from the Lodge. The creek is just below these stairs so after getting heated up you can cool down in the creek! Valerie stoked up the sauna each evening.

There is a large common area where you can sit around and socialize. There were plenty of blankets around too if you needed more warmth. The lodge is heated by a fireplace so on really cold nights the blankets were a nice option.

Upper two pictures – main common area, Lower right picture – our bedroom, lower left picture – upstairs common area.

Appies are served at 6pm.  Dinner is served at 7:00pm and was well presented and filling. Continental Breakfast are  served between 7:30-8:30am. They might be a bit sparse for bigger appetites.

Dinner and breakfast

Enjoying the sun on this cold winter day

Well signed cross country area

Our hosts – Leah, Fabian and Valerie

It was cold.

Run Pics – Click on Images for larger photo

Journeyman Peak Ski

Hidden Peak Ski



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