Duffy Cayoosh – 1,000,000 Couloir Feb 9, 2010

Words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

With Alex and Jeff, I went up to Cayoosh Peak from parking lot to peak in 3.5 hours. We took advantage of recent sticky stable snow to ski from the peak proper then down 1,000,000 coulour. We ascended about 1550m. Fast travel conditions had us back by 2.15 at parking lot after a rare lolly-gag 7am start from Whistler. It sure was nice to not have to fart around with ropes today

Alex’s writeup is here

Cayoosh, 1,000,000 couloir from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

Jeff in the clearcut

Cayoosh East Glacier looks like its been trampled by herds of sex-starved elephants

Alex stares longingly at Cayoosh Pk. We skied off the summit ridge

Motivated to get to the peak

Alex manages pow off the summit ridge

View from the summit ridge that divides the E and NE glacier

Summit ridge from the summit proper

Alex and Jeff all purty – view behind is of the Joffre Group

Poser on the ridge – view behind is of the pretty broken messed up NE Glacier

Fantastic snow in 1,000,000 Couloir

Exit from the Couloir

View of Cayoosh from Rohr – couloir is right next to the glacier

Elevation profile

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