Duffey Cerise Creek, Duffey Lake

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Christmas is upon us and what better to do then leave civilization and head to a backcountry hut! We haven’t been to Keith’s Hut in awhile and figured with the upcoming high pressure and Whistler crowds it would be a good place to spend a couple of days.

Tyler locked and loaded!

Who brought the beer? – Photo by Gavan Hennigan

My beast of Burden!

Photo by Gavan Hennigan

Once at the hut we dropped of our gear and headed up Anniversary Glacier. Another group that came up that morning had the same idea as us!

Almost at the top the winds blow over Matier

We try to stay back of the group ahead of us – Photo by Gavan Hennigan

Nearing the top of Anniversary Glacier at 2400m, the Hut is at 1650m

We go up – Photo by Gavan Hennigan

Top of the Matier Joffre Col

Photo by Tyler Wilkes

Tyler, Lee and Gavan

Gavan going for some extra vert

Shirtless HERO!

Tyler making the most of it!

Gnar ice ax DUDE!

Gavan rippin’

Our Tent! Keith’s Hut can be quite busy so we brought our tent. Good idea since the hut was full of farting snoring people for two nights.

View of Matier and the glacier behind

View across to Vantage

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