Chilcotins – Lorna Lake – Day 5 – Lorna Pass – Elbow Pass and exit

Day 4 we stuck near the camp and did a ride up Lorna Pass and Elbow Pass. These are two classic Chilcotin rides that make for a full day!

Rolling down Lorna pass after the steep push up. Even in August there is still snow in them thar hills!

Classic Chilcotin singletrack rolling through the green fields amongst the towering hills

Lee on the Norco Team Ti, a classic bike in the classic alpine flower speckled trails.

Look a section I can climb! Must not be as steep heading back up Elbow Pass.

Maybe I should figure out where we are???

before heading back down to camp.

Technical Chilcotin descending down Elbow pass!

In case you were wondering Chilcotin means “wet feet” in some ancient language.

The valley of Big Creek. We ride along the trail looking for a dry place to cross.

The next day we wait for Tyax Air to take us out and bring the next group in that was going to take two days to ride out.

Here’s our ride!

Tyax Air with the Warner glacier in the back.

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