Cowboy – or is that Cowgirl Ridge

This time Amy joined us on a little jaunt which took us from Whistler over to Flute, Oboe, Cowboy Ridge then out.

First we had to deal with Amy’s skins. BCA takes the busines of ensuring that its skin glue works quite seriously.

By the time we got to the top of Flute the first of many sunny sucker holes came by. The light made the alpine look magical.

Amy cruises down some powder to Oboe

Sharon drops in

We cut over to Oboe trees – an easterly slope nicely loaded with a bucketload of powder – dropping 200m down to Singing Pass

Lee down Oboe trees

Amy drops in

View down Oboe tree to Singing Pass with Cowboy Ridge completely untouched and just begging to be plundered.

The cruel girls make me break trail through the 40 cms fresh up Cowboy Ridge. They finally relent and take over duties

Looks pretty good in Cowboy Ridge and the hut at Russet Lake is still there as we peek around the ridge looking over to Fissile Peak. All the chutes look filled in. We dig a pit on the aspect, it’s a W aspect and 30 degree slope. HS is 220cms (pretty good for a spot just below a wind-exposed ridge), there’s 10cms of recent snow, 40 cms of 4F snow, a 1F layer at 40 – 45 and another 1F layer from 45 – 55 that feels like windslab. I get a CTE off the first 10cms, and no result on the remaining column. The block fails on a

Hard shovel shear at the 55 layer. Picture below shows the small crown off the 10cm layer from my ski cut off the convexity on the top of Cowboy Ridge.

Beautiful blower consistent stable-feeling snow coming down Cowboy Ridge for Sharon.

and for Amy

The ski-out from Singing Pass was fast! The lack of coverage on the creeks slowed us down right at the end.

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