Decker, Blackcomb Mt. Nov 27 2009

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Decker, Friday Nov 27th. BLUE SKIES! Cold temperatures and it didn’t rain this high!

Heading up Blackcomb Glacier. We weren’t the only ones with this idea!

Blackcomb Glacier Highway

Looking back to East Col and the route to Decker via Circle Ridge.

Heading up Decker. Circle Lake is the flat spot in the background.

Photo by Mark Richards

Decker Glacier! Showing more of its guts!


Getting up over the top of Decker was more of a challenge this trip!

Near verticle non-supporting snow made for some interesting climbing.

Photo by Mark Richards

Sometimes you need a hand!

Photo by Mark Richards

After a great run down 9th hole we decided to head back to make sure we made the download. Not a good time to ski to the bottom quite yet!

I know, overexposed but I though it was a cool shot.

Finger Chutes

19th Hole

The nuggy shot!

Photo by Mark Richards

Skinning up Circle Ridge.

Photo by Mark Richards

Cool shot of Blackcomb Peak.

Photo by Mark Richards

Decker -Blackcomb backcountry Nov 27, 2009 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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