Duffey Area – Cayoosh East Glacier Jan 09, 2011

With renewed confidence in stability we decided to head for open faces. We were thinking of heading to something N facing but its not too often that sun-exposed faces retain good snow so we decided to wander up to Cayoosh to take a look at some of the terrain. For a variety of reasons we ended up doing laps on the East Glacier. Wonderful uncharacteristically light snow. With clouds all around us we managed to luck out on timing as sun would hit the slopes just as we were ready to ski. We ended up doing two laps and a partial lap of the cutblock finishing the day with a 1000 m vertical run down the glacier and then through beautifully stable snow through the trees and to the creek.

Notes: Temps minus 15 to 18. Winds light from the NE. Mainly sunny. Windslab on the Cayoosh summit plateau proper but not slabby at ~ 2400m mark.

Standard approach shot

Another standard approach shot

Another Approach Shot

Noronalife is better then your vacation!

Stu's turn to whore it up on the glacier.

cold smoke!

Sharon on lap 2 dropping down a vertical km to the trees

To the valley we go

One more lap on the cutblock - w slope of Rohr Ridge in the background

Gorgeous day - Joffre Shoulder in the background

Video here

Duffey – Cayoosh East Glacier at EveryTrail

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