Flowing Park – Oct 10 2009

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

Gooseberry Mesa
Frog’s Hollow 25 Hour Race Course
Rainbow Rim Trail
Hike in the Grand Canyon
Thunder Mountain
Scenic Drive Through Utah – Zion – Bryce – Scenic Hwy 12
Virgin River Rim Trail
Rides in Grand Junction and Fruita
Flowing Park – Colorado

Flowing Park trail starts at the Flowing Park Resevoir and circumnavigates Grand Mesa. It is a 12 mile trail built by volunteers of COPMOBA. Kevin Foote was an integral volunteer in the construction of this trail. While it doesn’t have lot of elevation change the fact that its at >10,000 feet, over looking volcanic fields and the Grand Valey makes this a pretty cool ride. It is on the same road as the areas big ski area – Powderhorn. In the winter people also cross country ski in this area.

Parking at Flowing Park Resevoir. Lots of hunters were here today, killin’

it was windy too!

Heading out on the trail. Sure looks flat!

Area now closed to motorized traffic.

Riding the rim.

Finally Kevin gets to ride the trail without hauling a bob trailer behind him!

Three Edge Bikes!

This section of trail less then a couple of months old!

lots of volcanic rock!

Missed the Golden Leaves but the trees still look cool.

How can JD be out of focus? He’s so damn big!

Looking over the edge of the Grand Mesa at the littering of volcanic rock below.

hmmm freeride line?

Nice spot for lunch!

JD rockin’ the MTBR Vest!


Lee having a post trip PBR!

Apres at Kevin’s

Lula looking for someone to play with her!

Google Maps Terrain Map of Flowing Park.

Elevation Map of Flowing park.

Flowing Park, Grand Mesa, CO from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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