Rogers Pass Forever Young – Feb 13 2009

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Friday came in with high overcast and potential… We headed out with the intention of doing Forever Young, but open to options based on vis. A glacier is no place to be in a white out! After skiing for 8 days, lee’s dogging it. He wants to ski this couloir but his legs aren’t as peppy as they usually are!

We head up the moraine: Essentially up the middle of this pic and to lookers left of Lookout Peak in the center.

Interesting route finding up the Great Glacier Moraine!

Once at the decision point – do we head over Lookout Col for a shorter day? Or go for Forever Young! Lee, catches up to us. He’s tired, but determined. He will buck up, break trail and get to Forever Young.

We don’t need no stinkin ropes!

Lee treks on

Glaciers – cool.

Lookout and Glacier Crest are in the background. For a view of where we are from the top of Glacier

Crest click HERE

We are so small.

Highway 1 is ever the reference in these mountains.

Daniel heading up the glacier.

The sun wants to come up!

mmmm pecan squares give my legs energy!

Heading across the glacier towards Youngs Peak and Forever Young.

trail trail trail!

Forever Young is before us. On the way up we were being chased by a couple of Swedes and a Norwegian! They better not beat us!

We’re close!

Still heading across the glacier!

It’s HUGE!

Hmmm, does this go?


View back to above area from Triangle Moraine

Pick the right line!

There it is! The Swedes didn’t beat us but three others who were staying in the Asulkan did! Can you see them?

Almost there!

Dan goes for the perspective shot!

Ok Lee, you go skiers left and cut HARD right ok?

Steep as it looks!

You want me to what?

Conditions were not variable in this col. They were consistently hard.

Edge, Edge, Toes in?

Toes in?

Do I really have to go?

Only one place to go when you’re at the top!

Yup, Nice consistent slope…

Not pretty.

Forever Young.

if you live

Sharon getting out.


Dan getting out!

Daniel Woodsworth

Jon rescues Dag Finn’s NTN mounted ski!

New technology PERFECT tool for steep couloirs!

A representative of all the AT options! With the bindings on the skis!

Novel concept!

The Norwegian must tele.

Dropping one knee for 5km will not be painful!

Slopeside binding fixing! Nice that Telemark is still simple!

Jon, Mike and Dog Finn

Video of Forever Young

Forever Young Couloir – international mix from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

19km day, in 7 hours, ~1600m of climbing. Yellow track was from today.

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