Icefall Lodge – Day 4 – Mt. LaClytte and the Groove Tube

Another Alpine destination at Icefall Lodge is Mt. La Clytte. At 2900 meters the summit may not be the destination but the NE facing slopes should be! As well it gains access to the South West side of La Clytte and the GROOVE TUBE. which unfortunately suffered from sun on this day. The initial climb up the La Clytte glacier after we dropped down from Keffi pass was steep and getting warm. -4 C at 12:00pm, compared to yesterday’s temperatures of -20.

Great birthday ski for me!

We were joined today by Linda Harrison and Kim Jacques as well as Duncan and Nick.

Heading up Keffi Ridge.

Mt. La Clytte and the Groove Tube can be seen in the distance

Mt. La Clytte and the Groove Tube

Keffi Ridge

Top of Keffi pass looking down the La Clytte glacier

Which had nice snow

Skinning up La Clytte glacier

Glacial Ice!

Looking up the Glacier towards Sharks Gate


View looking up to La Clytte from Portal N side.

Skiing down NE face of La Clytte

Photo by Rob McLachlan

Kim on La Clytte

Nick in hot pursuit

Linda on La Clytte

Back up again, Lee heads down the Groove Tube

Photo by Duncan McColl

Duncan on the Groove Tube




Our tracks.

Very esthetic, too bad the snow wasn’t blower pow!

Laclytte Peak, Glacier and the Groove Tube from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

10.2km, 7 hours, 1400m climbing

> -10 all day, clouds were coming in and its warming up

Icefall Lodge – La Clytte Mountain at EveryTrail

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