Icefall Lodge – Day 3 – Zen Glacier and Alien Bowl

Day three again teased with light behind the clouds. We wanted to check out Orbit Bowl and see if we could get into Alien Bowl. This tour would require good vis since most of it was in the Alpine. We risked it and headed to Ice Pass, only to be SHUT DOWN on the Zen Glacier. So we retraced our steps and headed up Alien Bowl to see how it looked from there. Vis was in and out the whole day.

Iguana is enjoying his Canadian Ski Sweater.

Getting shut down on the Zen Glacier.

Snow in home run was nice!

View towards Alien Bowl

We head over.

Gregor, who had been not feeling well since partying in Golden, joined us today.

The lodge with Kitchen and Seduction chutes in the back.

Lots of tree skiing at Icefall for when you get shut out of the alpine!

Alien Bowl. Well proteced by cornices and rock, but there is a way to lookers right that you can’t quite see here.

Heading down Alien Bowl.

Into Alien Shoulder. I accidently hucked off that drop in the back… vis was still a bit tricky.

Lots of pillows in Fluffer trees!

Fortunately with soft landings!

Back at the Lodge – Roast yams, potatoes and carrots!


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