Icefall Lodge – Day 7 – Diamond Glacier

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Our last two days were clear and cold. After snowy warm days we finally got our alpine conditions – Sunny and -14oC! Today Lee, Stu, Trevor and Sharon went for Diamond Glacier. We were moving slow today since it was our last day and all the trail breaking Lee and Trevor did the day before added up.

We get ready to go.

Home Fun rout to Kemmel Glacier Bench.

Kemmel Glacier Bench, Troll Pass and Espresso Ridge

View back down towards the Lodge.

Top get some extra vert on the Ice Pass ridge run. Kemmel SE ridge is in the back, Ice Box is far back to the left of the rocks on picture right.

View towards Icefall Peak and Diamond Glacier

Ice Pass Ridge run

Mt. Arras, always impressive.

We go there!

Heading towards Diamond Glacier

Well Bridged!

We stay to the left of the glacier

Pretty impressive mountains.

Even Sud Tirol Chue is impressed!

We decided not to venture down Tempest Glacier into the lower valley, but went back the way we came.

Snow was good!


Length: 15.2 km
Duration: 8 hours, 54 minutes
Vertical up: 1677.5 m
Vertical down: 1691 m

Icefall Lodge – Diamond Glacier at EveryTrail

The Diamond Glacier – Icefall Lodge Mar 16 – 23, 2013 from Lee Lau on Vimeo.


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