Icefall Lodge – Day 2 – Troll Pass Zen Glacier and Home Run

Day two came in overcast again but the skies looked promising. We opted to go to Troll Pass to see if we could get a view to the other side, which we did. We then skied blower pow down and heading up to Ice Pass for another view towards Icefall Peak. We then glacier skipped Zen Glacier to Back Door and down Home Run.

Getting ready in the morning

Skinning up towards Espresso Ridge and Troll Pass

Troll Pass

View to the back of Troll Pass towards Vitamin P. The ridge in the back is Espresso Ridge.

Looking back towards Kemmel Valley and  the Lodge at Troll Pass

Looking down a North West Valley off Troll Pass.

Nice snow here!



Heading up Kemmel Valley to Ice Pass, Espresso ridge is in the near background, La Clytte is in the back left of the pic.

Looking towards Icefall Peak at Ice Pass

Mt. Arras

Pano of Icefall Peak Valley

Benet enjoying Canada

Skiing down the shoulder of Ice Pass

Carl on Home Run

Looking back at Home run from the Lodge.

Chillin and stretching

Another Awesome dinner by Calder

St. Patty’s Day drinking!

Length: 11.0 km
Duration: 7 hours, 38 minutes
Vertical up: 1223.8 m

Icefall Lodge – Troll Zen Home Run at EveryTrail

Icefall Lodge March 16 – 23 – Trolls and Trees

from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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