Duffey Joffre Shoulder, Steep Creek

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

With the great early season of the winter of 2009 we are now in a bit of a dry period. Variable weather dictates we check out the Duffy. We opt to return to ski a line Lee and Tyler skied last year in April. Hoping for similar conditions we were skunked. But had a great tour anyway taking in all the conditions the Duffy threw at at this December day.

Parking spot. Rohr lines that were so inviting two weeks ago tease us today.

gearing up

We start off with our objective in view. Staring elevation – 1250m

we go up

Pretty bullet proof below 1500m

edges are good

Not a lot of penetration on this snow !

Photo by Trevor Hawkins

We entered into the creek a bit too high so had to descend a bit. Lee lost his toque and had to retrieve it! Gavin, our splitter friend didn’t mind waiting to tele down to the creek of death!

Trevor must be fast!

Early snow pack allowed for some innovative route finding!

Duck Gavin!

Creek is still showing itself!

Photo by Trevor Hawkins

At tree line we again see our objective. Avi danger is LOW today so we can choose a more exposed approach.

Up in the alpine the views below are great!

Coudn’t spend much time at our high point of 2200m.

The snow was pretty wind hammered so we didn’t go higher. Temps of -10.0

Lee rippin’ down!

This descent pretty much always pushes you into the creek at some point. Normally a good run, but today’s variable conditions made it challenging.

Trevor hops over the chunder! Like he’s on a bike!

Gavin takes more adventurous lines!

Must be in need of some stimulation!

View of Joffre Shoulder from Cayoosh.

Faces to ski

Google Earth Image of the Descent

Steep Creek Dec 5th 2009

words and photos by Sharon Bader and Lee Lau unless otherwise noted.

With the weekends variable conditions and shitty skiing at low elevation, we decide to ski Steep Creek on Saturday. The logging road access will make for easy skiing in and out. The North West facing slopes were our destination today since we figured they would be less wind hammered, and they were!

Much nicer day today! But COLD again!

go splitters go!

Bryce finally gets out touring! Nice technique for a splitter!

Skinned up to a sunny spot for some lunch.

We had to gain this ridge to get to the west facing treed slope that had some pretty good snow!

Boot pack Bryce! Its a snowboarder thing!

This was the start of the good snow!

Google Earth Image of Steep Creek

Darkside Lake, Duffy from Lee Lau on Vimeo.

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