Merritt in May

A weekend in Merrit – May 7th and 8th 2005

After posting my desire for a new bike on the Turner Board of I started a conversation with Telebiker – Mike. After finding out he is from the lower mainland and he knew the trails in Merrit and he was going there to ride we invited ourselves along to learn more about them!

The first ride was in Godey Creek.

The last time we rode here we shuttled the descent. I’m not sure why because the climb was a realy nice twisy turny single track that got you nice and warmed up for the descent. We rode up from the information kiosk on beautiful bench-cut pine-needled trails. Nice middle-ring mash.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of the climb, but here is a nice rest spot at the top with views towards Godey Creek and Iron Mountain.

The Godey Creek descent has some nice little ladder bridges on it

as well as some more suspect ones… but what do you expect in such a dry climate!

After we rode down Godey, we went back up for another ride up and run down the trails this time on Ursa Major. Here’s Mike on his Turner!

Howard going for the lawn dart


Kevin, another Turner RFX owner who for this trip rode his Dawg Primo

Lee on another ramp on the descent of Ursa Major!

The next day we rode the Mid- DayValley trails off to the west of Merrit

Here is a tough rocky section on one of the more difficult trails – Rock and Roll

Lee’s Turn!

Kevin’s turn to Rock and Roll!

Another viewpoint before we descend into Ziggy’s – A twisty turny zen trail whoopty woo!

A technical trail feature on JP Cool! JP Cool is mach speed but has some diversions like this.

I’m sure we’ll be back for some ripp’n singletrack!

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