Newfoundland – Day 2 – Norris Point to Trout River

The fine weather our first day has spoilt us and lulled us into a sense of complacency about Newfoundland’s notoriously unpredictable weather. Today isn’t quite as sunny but its not raining as we start. Todays trip involves a boat ride from Norris Point to Woody Point and then past the Tablelands and to Trout River.

Norris Point is an old fishing village that’s been hit hard by the closure of the cod fishery. There’s not much of a touristy part to the town other then a museum close to the wharf where we embark on our short ferry ride. The ferry only takes passengers and bikes.

Typically picturesque Newfoundland scene we would see duplicated time and time again of beautifully maintained harbours and boats made with loving pride and craftsmanship. Heck even the storage sheds have new paint.

This is our destination Woody Point. Like something from another world, the Tablelands looms over Woody Point at a height of approximately 600m. In a sense, the Tablelands are from another world as they are part of the earth’s mantle, upthrust to the surface when two continental plates collided and one subducted below the other.

The weather doesn’t get any better and a nice stiff crosswind follows us as we ride through the Tablelands towards Trout River – a town on the coast facing towards the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Dana and I riding through the Tablelands. On the north side of the road (to picture left) it is green; on the south side, it is red-rock. Unreal landscape.

Trout River is another gorgeous town that’s been hit by the fishery slowdown. Here is a scene that, in B.C., would be crawling with real estate developers and golf courses but has waterfront lots for sale for less then the cost of a downtown moorage space for a medium sized boat. What a setting!

After some wandering around the town and my first experience with a Newfoundland menu for lunch (yum to fresh cod), we’re riding back the way we came.

On our boat ride back, some Minke whales make an appearance. Not hunted anymore, they are apparently quite common in Bonne Bay.

Distance covered today is 51.3 kms. Our average speed is 17.4km/h while on the bike; elevation gain is 925m and we were on our bike for 2hrs and 57 minutes. Our total time outside today (counting breaks etc.) was 9hours and 3 minutes.

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