Newfoundland – Day 3 – Rain and Rest day

On a day when we should be hiking up Gros Morne it is pouring rain when we get up. There won’t be much of a view if we straggle up the mountain so we make the decision to do the touristy thing and check out the surrounding area.

Rocky Harbour is the closest town. First though we stop at the Lobster Cove lighthouse and read up on shipwrecks – there certainly were a lot. It is now automated and there is no resident lighthouse keeper.

We drive around Rocky Harbour (its a small town – it doesn’t take long) and Lynne, Kevin and I take a moment to walk through the local cemetery. Depressingly there are an awful lot of young kids buried. Later we find out that tubercolosis took a lot of young lives before medical science caught up with the cloistered living conditions that Newfies took for granted in winter living.

The local fish-plant is still running. In the glory days of yore apparently there were 17 lobster plants!. The seagulls certainly seem to like the effluent from the lone fish plant on this gloomy afternoon.

One good thing to come out of rainy days is the ability to take time to enjoy well-made food.  If you’re in Rocky Harbour and want to savour “slow food” hit up Java Jacks. Another thing rainy days let you do is to check out cool home decor.

Here’s a picture from Lynne of a house in Norris Point.

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